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Unique Summit

It is crucial to not only participate in gaming-related conferences but also broaden our horizons by staying connected with the latest innovations, innovators, and institutions dedicated to enhancing the entrepreneurial environment for innovation to thrive.

As part of this commitment, we attended the Unique Summit in Ostrava - Czech Republic, last week.

The Global StartupCities initiative has been uniting startups, investors, and corporates across Europe since 2018, aiming to expand development opportunities and challenge perceived barriers. The annual Global StartupCities Summit, also known as the Unique Summit, serves as a collaborative platform where individuals converge to transform their visions into reality.

Recognizing the global significance of the gaming industry, it held a special place at the summit. Our CEO, Vladimír Geršl, engaged with several professionals from the gaming sector, discussing the future trajectory of the gaming industry.


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