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With our expertise in game production, and close connections to a variety of publishers, we offer top-tier help to game studios, tailored specifically to your needs. Below is an example of how our initial communication with you would look.


* This workflow chart is orientational. It can take various forms and cover a range of  timeframes, depending on the status of your project.

First encounter
Concept consultation 
Production consultation

Your game tells a unique story, and you firmly believe players would love to be part of it. Our consultants give you the opportunity to provide us with a full background on who you are, and what  you have to offer to the gaming market. Explain your core values, your team, your commitment to the game dev, and how you stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to our highly experienced team, with advanced know-how in both AA+ publishing and game production, we’re able to help you frame your idea as a clear concept that plays well and has meaningful marketing value. We help you build an IP, and possibly even think further, beyond just making a game.

Our Production consultant will be in regular touch with your team, helping you frame the cost of your game, along with the time needed to produce it, while creating reasonable milestones for both you and your potential publisher/investor.


Jandova 185/6, 190 00

Prague, Czech Republic


+420 777 960 030


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