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First person experience from the perspective of Cyber Sail Consulting CEO Vladimír Geršl:

"PAX is one of the biggest gaming festivals in Australia, and I had the opportunity to attend it in October 2023. It was a three-day event filled with panels, an expo hall, a tabletop, and community activities. I was especially interested in meeting some of the game developers and publishers who are based overseas in person, and seeing what news they have to offer.

One of the publishers I met was PM Studios, a game developer and publisher from Los Angeles. They have a diverse portfolio of games but also offer services for indie developers who want to launch their games physically or digitally.

Another publisher that impressed me was Dread XP, a game studio, publisher, and media company that focuses on the horror genre. I met some of the Dread XP team members, and they were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about horror. They also showed me some of their upcoming releases, which looked very promising and scary.

I enjoyed my time at PAX Aus, and I think it was a great opportunity to connect with game developers and publishers from different parts of the world. I think nothing beats personal contact when it comes to discovering new games and making new friends in the gaming industry."


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