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MIGS 2023

Cyber Sail Consulting actively participated in the 20th anniversary of the Montreal International Game Summit, the premier event in the Canadian gaming industry.

Despite the organizers opting for a more focused approach this year, emphasizing business partnerships, the event proved highly beneficial. The Montreal ecosystem unequivocally demonstrated its significance.

The Canadian gaming industry provides a unique opportunity for Czech and European companies. The Quebec government supports the gaming sector through tax breaks and funding, establishing Montreal as a global gaming hub. Companies worldwide set up offices there to harness the extensive resources and industry-friendly policies.

These companies possess the experience and eagerness to collaborate with international partners. Provincial governments in Canada, mirroring strategies in Europe and Asia, provide support through tax breaks, subsidies for the workforce, and marketing initiatives. The Canadian government recognizes the growing economic and cultural importance of the gaming industry, contributing to its increasing support.

The vibrant conference atmosphere and the presence of numerous foreign companies settling in Montreal underscored this trend. Additionally, our exploration of cutting-edge infrastructure offered an inspiring backdrop for video game creators. We anticipate continued collaboration in the future, collectively contributing to innovative developments in the gaming industry.


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