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Gamescom 2023

We couldn't miss Gamescom, one of Europe's most crucial and fruitful conferences. Held from August 23 to 27, 2023, it showcased the thriving Czech gaming industry, including our exhibition in the B2B section. The event united developers, publishers, hardware vendors, and merchandise sellers, fostering new partnerships and product introductions.

Side events like Opening Night Live conferences and the Exhibitor Party provided informal networking opportunities.

Our Czech national exposition, financially backed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, highlighted eight gaming companies, including us (Cyber Sail Consulting), Sleep Team, KEEN Software House, Madfinger Games, SCS Software, Wargaming Prague, Oxymoron Games, and Samdosoft.

During the conference, Cyber Sail Consulting achieved significant milestones:

🎮 67 interviews/meetings in 3 days!

🎮 Met promising publisher and investor partners, developers, and journalists.

🎮 Explained our deep consulting services, showcasing our expertise in development

and game project management.

🎮 Positioned ourselves as professionals dedicated to delivering better materials, planning, and ultimately, better games for our clients.

The Czechs have a long-standing relationship with beer, which is often referred to as "liquid bread". It's no surprise that our CEO replenished his energy during a private TV interview! :)

Wanna see a short video of our Czech booth? Click on the link:


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