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Game Developers Session 2023

GDS - Game Developer Session Prague, our beloved home conference, is a place where we constantly find ourselves in the company of friends and fellow developers. Many of them are not just colleagues, but individuals with whom we’ve built enduring friendships over the many years. The camaraderie we share is akin to the warm, familiar atmosphere of a local pub where friends gather over a pint of beer in the evening.

At Cyber Sail Consulting, we pride ourselves on our active participation in the gaming community. We recently attended an indie panel section, where we engaged with the content with keen interest and enthusiasm.

Our involvement in the gaming community extends beyond just participation. At Cyber Sail Consulting, we believe in celebrating achievements and fostering talent. Hence, we ensured our presence at the Game Award and the Pitching session, both events that we proudly power. These platforms not only recognize excellence but also provide an opportunity for budding game developers to showcase their work.


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