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Game Access Connect 2023

The Game Access Conference aims to position Brno as a global hub for game development. This year, the CEO of Cyber Sail delivered a presentation on the transformation of indie teams into AA productions.

Throughout his career, he assisted studios in transitioning from indie to AA production. For example, NapNok Games expanded from 15 to 70 people, successfully launching Frantics and Chimparty with Sony. Similarly, GoldKnights, experiencing a fivefold growth, released The Last Oricru with PLAION. This transformation encompasses more than just size; it involves cultivating the right mindset, and skills, setting a high-quality standard. The fundamental shift is towards creating games tailored for a specific audience, transcending personal preferences.

This tireless long-term approach has already brought many fruits and its impact is also global. Thus even the beginning of a closer collaboration with the Japanese game industry developed.


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