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Digital Dragons Conference

We experienced this traditional meeting in Krakow - Poland from a different angle than a regular visitor. An extremely interesting accompanying program took place as part of VIP access. Selected guests thus had the chance to get to know Krakow up close. We also visited the local mine among other interesting places. The accompanying program included a guided tour of the Wawel Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a visit to the Rynek Underground Museum, which showcases the history of Krakow. We also had the opportunity to sample some of the local cuisine, including pierogi and kielbasa.

The event was a great opportunity to support Czech indie developers, and we provided the strongest possible support to them right on the spot, for the entire duration of the event. We helped them showcase their games to a wider audience and provided feedback on their work. We also organized a series of workshops and talks on game development, which were very well received by the attendees. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and we’re looking forward to attending similar events in the future.


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