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Cyber Sail Consulting on the stage of the European Parliament

Breaking News: CEO Vladimír Geršl Advocates for Gaming Industry Support at EU Parliament.

In a significant move, Cyber Sail Consulting's CEO, Vladimír Geršl, took the stage at the European Parliament of Enterprises in Brussels, an event organized by Eurochambers.

Geršl addressed the EU Parliament with a clear mission: to underscore the critical necessity for governmental support in the gaming industry. His objective was twofold: to champion the gaming sector not only at the national Czech level but also on the broader European Union theatre.

As a member of the executive committee of the Game Developers Association and the CEO of Cyber Sail Consulting, Geršl spoke on behalf of many entities.

He stressed the need to enhance competitiveness by incorporating gaming into the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER), providing financial support for training, and facilitating talent importation. He posed the question, "How can we make this a reality?"

This event served as a pivotal platform to articulate and discuss the challenges facing the gaming industry with influential European policymakers.

Heartfelt thanks are extended to those who listened to our opinions and needs:

  • Ida Dojcinovic

  • Tamas Szigeti

  • Carla Osman

  • Lucie Šestáková

  • Veronika Chvála Vinklárkova

  • Marcel Kolaja

  • Věra Jourová

  • Dita Charanzová

  • Axel Voss

  • Sabine Verheyen

  • Vladimír Dlouhý

Stay tuned for further developments in our ongoing advocacy for a thriving gaming industry within the European Union.

You can see and hear the whole speech here:


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