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Extended information on Game Pitch Arena Liberec 24

We have already informed you about Pitch Arena Liberec 24, but repetition is not only the mother of wisdom but sometimes it brings new good news. And this is the moment! We bring a comprehensive report supplemented with news about generous partner support in the prize pool.

Cyber Sail Consulting and Anifilm International Festival are thrilled to announce the hosting of Game Pitch Arena Liberec 24 which is taking place on May 8, 2024, as part of the Anifilm International Festival.

The Game Pitch Arena Liberec 24 presents a unique opportunity not only for developers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also for our esteemed neighbors in Poland and Germany, who are within a convenient distance of Liberec. Of course, developers from all over Europe are welcome! This event is part of the long-standing Anifilm festival, which has recently shifted its focus more towards video games. The atmosphere at the event, organized by Cyber Sail, is both professional and friendly, creating an environment conducive to creativity and innovation.

Individual studios stand a chance to win valuable financial support, a contribution that will undoubtedly facilitate the seamless progression of independent studio projects.

The main partner of the Anifilm International Festival, the PPF Foundation, has generously donated 10,000 EUR to the prize pool. In addition, O2 Czech Republic has contributed the best possible connection at the location of the winner's choice, including free hardware for one year. Last but not least, the law firm Mavericks has donated 1,000 EUR worth of their services. This substantial financial support underscores the commitment of our sponsors to fostering innovation and growth in the gaming industry.

The emerging Pitching Session in Liberec offers both small and large development studios a unique opportunity to present their projects to experienced professional judges (some of them represent publishing companies). These experts can swiftly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each project, award the best ones, and recommend them for funding to potential publishers. This allows developers to gauge the potential of their projects, identify areas for improvement, and determine the best course of action for success. This event is not just a competition, but a platform for growth and learning, making it a truly invaluable experience for all participants.

Applications can be submitted on the Pitch Arena website starting from March 25, 2024. The deadline for applications is April 24, 2024 - don’t miss this unique opportunity!

The entire event will be moderated by Mikoláš Tuček. His expertise and charisma will ensure a smooth and engaging experience for all attendees.

About Cyber Sail Consulting

Cyber Sail Consulting, a specialized consultancy firm in the gaming industry, was founded by Vladimir Gersl, an experienced executive who has worked with Activision, Sony, and Plaion. With over two decades of experience, Vladimir brings a wealth of knowledge to the helm. The firm boasts a team of senior experts who excel in key departments of game production, including game direction, art, legal, and operations. Game Pitch Arena is a strategic initiative by Cyber Sail aimed at cultivating and enhancing institutional support of the game industry within the Central and Eastern European region.

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About Anifilm 2024

Anifilm, the International Festival of Animated Films, will take place in Liberec from May 7th to 12th, 20241. This festival is aimed at authors, film professionals, students, educators, film theorists, and all fans of animated production, including children. Anifilm also represents the Czech Republic in an international context on a long-term basis.

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About Game Pitch Arena 2023

The first edition of The Game Pitch Arena was a noteworthy addition to the Czech Republic’s game development scene. This event was brought to life by Cyber Sail Consulting in 2023, as a part of the Game Developers Session (GDS) conference. It drew attention and was positively received by attendees and professionals in the field.

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